February 23, 2024

Currently, there are not any residents or staff who are positive for Covid 19.  

All visitors are required to wear a face mask at all times while visiting.

Mitigation strategies:

  • All employees are required to wear at a minimum, a medical grade masks while working with residents, residents are encouraged to wear a mask as tolerated when out of their rooms
  • Routine employee training in-services regarding Covid 19 safety are being conducted
  • Taking the temperature of each resident daily, checking health and respiratory status of each resident daily,
  • Frequent hand hygiene is required of staff. Residents are prompted and encouraged to frequently hand hygiene.

Visitors should report any symptoms of Covid 19 to the facility that they may encounter for up to 14 days after their visit.

All visitors will hand sanitize prior to visitation.

Outdoor visits:

  • Can take place in the arcade area, any of the Sanitarium patios or Garden area or on the Convalescent gazebo or patios.
  • Visitors will be escorted directly to the visit location by staff using outdoor routes as much as possible to reach visitation area.

Indoor Visits:

  • Indoor and in-room general visitation in the facility is subject to the resident’s COVID-19 status and the facility’s outbreak status.
  • Resident room visits are strongly discouraged unless compassionate care/end of life visits are needed.  Resident Room visits are not permissible if a resident’s roommate is present in the room.
  • Can take place in the TV Room, OT dining room, Library or Activity Room. 
  • Visitors movement throughout the facility will be minimized.  Visitors must stay in their visitation area and are not permitted to walk around the facility.

*Non adherence to any these protocols or basic Covid 19 infection control protocols will result in cancellation of the visit and the visitor(s) will be asked to leave the facility.

Covid 19 status changes will be announced here on the website.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.