Covid-19 Update

November 26, 2022

This week nine staff members, forty eight residents of Clear View Convalescent Center and five residents of Clear View Sanitarium tested positive for Covid 19.  Our residents who have tested positive for Covid 19 will remain in our Red Zone quarantine as required by Los Angeles County Public Health guidelines. Residents in the Red Zone have a dedicated staff and are closely monitored. Staff members who have tested positive are in quarantine at home and will be kept off the schedule until cleared to return to work based on the Los Angeles County Public Health return to work criteria.  We have notified all appropriate authorities.

At this time, we strongly urge families to utilize video and audio visits rather than in person visits as well highly encourage the restriction of resident outings.

Mitigation strategies:

  • All employees are mandated to wear at a minimum, a medical grade masks while at work, residents are required to wear a mask as tolerated when out of their rooms
  • Enforcing Los Angeles County's mask mandate
  • Routine employee training in-services regarding Covid 19 safety are being conducted
  • Taking the temperature of staff as well as screening for symptoms, potential exposure and respiratory symptoms prior to their shift,
  • Taking the temperature of each resident daily, checking health and respiratory status of each resident daily,
  • All essential visitors are being screened for symptoms, potential exposure and elevated temperature prior to entry,
  • Families may no longer do their loved one’s laundry.

Visitation: Visitation times: 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM Daily.  Visits are by appointment and are monitored by staff for ensure basic Covid 19 infection control protocols are being followed.

Three residents may have visitors at a time and each resident may have up to three visitors.

Visitors will be given a surgical grade mask they must wear for the entire duration of their visit.

Each visitor will be screened for temperature, Covid 19 symptoms and exposure to  persons with Covid 19 within the past 14 days.  If yes is answered to either of these questions or a temperature of over 100 degrees, the visit will need to be rescheduled.

Visitors should report any symptoms of Covid 19 to the facility that they may encounter for up to 14 days after their visit.

All visitors will hand sanitize prior to visitation.

Bathrooms are available in the Business office lobby, Activity Lobby or Employee Bathrooms by the back door.

Clear View is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is not permitted on Clear View grounds.

Outdoor visits:

  • Can take place in the arcade area, any of the Sanitarium patios or Garden area or on the Convalescent gazebo or patios.
  • Visitors will be escorted directly to the visit location by staff using outdoor routes as much as possible to reach visitation area.

Indoor Visits:

  • Indoor and in-room general visitation in the facility is subject to the resident’s COVID-19 status and the facility’s outbreak status.
  • Resident room visits are strongly discouraged unless compassionate care/end of life visits are needed.  Resident Room visits are not permissible if a resident’s roommate is present in the room.
  • Can take place in the TV Room, OT dining room, Library or Activity Room. 
  • Require social distancing, masking and hand hygiene.
  • Visitors should report any symptoms of Covid 19 to the facility that they may encounter for up to 14 days after their visit.
  • Visitors movement throughout the facility will be minimized.  Visitors must stay in their visitation area and are not permitted to walk around the facility.

*Non adherence to any these protocols or basic Covid 19 infection control protocols will result in cancellation of the visit and the visitor(s) will be asked to leave the facility.

We ask families/responsible parties to reflect on their loved ones Code Status (Full Code vs. DNR -Do Not Resuscitate) and/or Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) in the event of an emergent event arises. If you have questions or would like to change Code Status or clarify Advance Directives regarding the provision of or the withholding of resuscitation measures, please contact us. Additionally, please notify Social Services of your loved one’s funeral home and mortuary arrangements so that we can include these arrangements in our records if you have not already done so. 

Covid 19 status changes will be announced here on the website.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.